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What happens during a treatment?

Reflexology is a non intrusive therapy, the only clothing that needs to be removed are your shoes and socks. You will be sat in a reclining chair while I apply pressure to feet or hands (depending on whether you are having foot or hand reflexology) using my thumbs, fingers or knuckles.

The treatment is not painful although some areas of the feet may feel tender when pressed, any tenderness experienced will not last for long.

The general experience should feel relaxing and many clients enjoy the opportunity to close their eyes and relax whilst listening to calming music.

How long will each treatment last?

The first treatment will include a free consultation where details of your health, diet and lifestyle will be taken, following this an exploratory treatment will be carried out, the information gathered will be used to formulate an individual treatment plan for future visits, this will take approximately 1 1/4 hours and each subsequent treatment will last for 45 minutes - to one hour.

How many/Frequency of treatments

Reflexology can be tailored to your needs, whether this is a one off treatment or monthly maintenance to keep your body systems balanced.

If you have a specific issue that you need support with then usually a course of weekly treatments is recommended, typically a period of 4-6 weeks initially then we will review and agree a plan going forward, this may be to extend to fortnightly and then monthly thereafter once a consistent improvement is reached.

Clients with acute or chronic conditions may need to have treatments more frequently.

How will I feel afterwards?

Most people feel an improved sense of wellbeing and deep relaxation after one or two treatments. Occasionally people report feeling tired, experience a mild headache or needing to go to the toilet more often, these are an indication that toxins are being eliminated from the body which means the treatment has had a positive effect.

These symptoms should disappear after 24-48 hours.

Are there any conditions where reflexology should be avoided?

Reflexology may not be recommended for persons suffering from the following conditions: Thrombosis, phlebitis, gangrene, unstable heart condition, or any contagious disease.

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