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If we do not nurture ourselves then ill health will result. It is believed stress contributes to approximately 80% of the development of any illness.

Some stress in life is inevitable and is sometimes actually good for you, but when experienced over a prolonged period of time without relief our mind and body cannot cope and the delicate balance of every system within our body is disrupted, leading to various illnesses, some of which can be life threatening such as heart attack and stroke. It can also change our brain structure leaving you more vulnerable to anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems.

Reflexology can help by inducing relaxation to interrupt the pattern of repetitive stress and allow our Parasympathetic Nervous System to carry out its job of helping the body to calm down and rejuvenate, returning it to a state of homeostasis.

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Childrens health

Children and teenagers also experience stress, they experience worry and anxiety about physical changes to their body during their development years, social media demands, high academic expectations, peer pressure and hormonal changes.

Children have different levels of emotional resilience to stress and Reflexology can help them to relax in order to nurture and strengthen this resilience.

For girls who are experiencing hormonal changes and difficulties from menstruation, Reflexology can help them to manage the symptoms that these changes can bring.

Reflexology can also help to relieve muscular tension that many children experience these days as a result of poor posture from mobile phone use and playing computer games.

Reflexology is also a perfect treatment to ease pre GCSE and A Level stress.

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Mens health

Reflexology is just as beneficial for men as it is for women, men also experience stress but their coping mechanisms tend to be less than womens so its just as important for mens mental health to find time to relax and allow the body, mind and spirit to rejuvenate.

Men also seek reflexology to aid recovery from their active lifestyles and promote muscle repair.

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Womens health

Hormonal balance is a main influence in female wellbeing, and hormonal changes occur at different stages of a womens life such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause, Reflexology can help to bring balance back to the body and mind helping women to cope better during these times.

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Reflexology can help support you and your partner both physically and emotionally when trying to conceive. The intention is to create an optimum environment for conception and attention is given to your Endocrine System to help balance your hormones, amongst other areas of focus.

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Reflexology can help women through the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy by promoting relaxation, reducing tension and stress and improving sleep, there are also techniques that can provide relief to some of the minor ailments associated with pregnancy.

Reflexology is also beneficial after pregnancy when those postnatal hormones leave you feeling frazzled.

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Palliative care

Hospitals and hospices have recognised the value of Reflexology as it can encourage the release of endorphins (chemicals produced naturally by the body, often called ‘feel-good’ chemicals) which patients might find soothing and calming, it can improve sleep and also support emotional wellbeing of the patient, their family and carers by helping relieve anxiety, stress and depression.

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Neurology – the study of the Nervous System
Endocrinology – the study of the Endocrine System
Psychology – the study of the mind and behavior
Immunology – the study of the Immune System
Pody - means feet in Greek

NEPIP (Neuroendophychoimmunopody) is a specialist reflexology treatment which uses techniques that work on the principle that each bodily system affects the other, and by enabling the flow of communication between them we can help the body to interact and communicate more efficiently with itself. This treatment is excellent at supporting clients who have experienced trauma or are suffering with anxiety or stress.

Techniques used in this treatment are exclusive to Level 5 Practitioners.

Reflexology may not be recommended for persons suffering from the following conditions: Thrombosis, phlebitis, gangrene, unstable heart condition, or any contagious disease.

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